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Join Yossi Ghinsberg with on a daring jungle adventure and self-discovery.

Deep in the mighty Amazon forest awaits the Madidi; the richest and most pristine wildlife reserve on planet Earth.  


Let's walk on the wild side 

This jungle almost claimed my life. Then I've made it my home. You can read my story or watch it with Daniell Radcliffe in it's best. Come walk with me on a path less traveled. In The visionary and founder of Chalalan, the most pristine eco-lodges in the Bolivian Amazon where you will find yourself immersed in nature like never before, meet the elements and be one with them. Not for the faint of hurt, The purity of the circumstances and its extremity will make you meet a new part of yourself. This adventure is not just an exotic travel experience - the deep heart of the Amazon will affect you. 


Uchupiamona me! 


One cannot be courageous unless fear rises first, for courage is not the lack of fear but rather facing it and walking with it. Dare to meet your primordial fear,  look it in the eye and see it disappear forever

We will be initiated by the Amazonian tribe I am part of; the noble Uchupiamona people. With them, we will play in the forest in the days and the nights, interact with the elements directly becoming one with the jungle. Let's go tribal, it will be enriching and fun beyond what can be imagined. 


We are all Indegenous 

The 2020 Chalalan Challenge will help you discover strengths you never imagine you owned, this will affect the way you will conduct yourself in life, on a personal level or business. It will deepen your relationship with nature and hence with the world. You will become tribal, Indigenous people.   


Kindred Spirits and local spirits 

You will be part of an exclusive group of people carefully handpicked to be part of this adventure. At the Chalalan Lodge, you can totally relax with your new friends. No doubts you ill meet many kindred spirits but also good spirits too at our rich bar.  Chalalan Ecolodge is owned, managed and operated by the Uchupiamonas.


Symphony of the hauling monkeys

At dawn, the male howler monkeys call to mark their territory. the harmonies that are created ate the most mystical symphony you'd hear, it is moving to tears.  Chalalan Ecolodge is a rare gem even in this pristine part of the world.  The lake is so perfect, it's like a picture book, hard to believe such beauty is even real. And, the place is so buzzing with life, every year a few new species are discovered here by the scientific expeditions we host. Chalalan Ecolodge is located some 8 hours upriver from the nearest jungle town Rurrenabaque. 

My mother and me

Donna Emma is an Aymara Pachamama high priestess. She is 86 years old now. Some 30 years ago she adopted me and we never parted. When I go down to the Amazon she comes with me. She is a curandera with proven healing powers. She conducts all ceremonies to honor the spirits of the mountains, the rivers, and the forests. She protects from evil eye but she is mostly a hell of a lot of good fun. She is the extra travel insurance we include in the program - when she is around we are all safe. 


The expedition leader. A world renown survival expert. International Bestselling author of Jungle and one of the founders of Chalalan. He leads leadership programs worldwide

Yossi Ghinsberg

A Pachamama priest and shaman; she is the real thing a spiritual healer and medicine woman from the Aymara tribe. She will conduct rituals and clenses.

Doña Emma Rivas

She creates a contained environment for people to feel safe and supported, so that each individual can be inspired and empowered in their self-development journey.



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