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Join Yossi Ghinsberg with a very small group of leaders on a daring jungle adventure.

'Real Survival' is an invitation to discover the very best version of yourself. 

Deep in the mighty Amazon forest in Bolivia, on the banks of a pristine lake awaits Chalalan eco-lodge. Nestled in the heart of the Madidi Jungle, holding the densest biological mass on Earth. Don't miss this limited edition life-transforming adventure. 


On the path less traveled, destiny awaits.

Deep in the Madidi Jungle on a path less traveled Yossi Ghinsberg awaits you. The visionary and founder of Chalalan, the most pristine eco-lodges in the Bolivian Amazon where you will find yourself immersed in nature like never before, meet the elements and be one with them. Not for the faint of hurt, The purity of the circumstances and its extremity will make you meet a new part of yourself. This adventure is not just an exotic travel experience - the deep heart of the Amazon will affect you. 


Your Iinitiation Challenge Begins Here!

One cannot be courageous unless fear rises first, for courage is not the lack of fear but rather facing it and walking towards it. Dare to meet your fear, to look it in the eye and walk through it to see it disappear 

Thorugh series of adventures, we will play in the forest during the days and the nights, we will interact with the elements directly. This is daring but safe initiation rite very rare opportunity to be initiated by an Amazonian Tribe 


Limited Edition Exclusive Selection.

Personal and professional growth guaranteed. The 2020 Chalalan 'Real Survival' challenge will help you discover strength you never imagine you owned, this will affect the way you will conduct yourself in life, personal or business. You will be an Amazonian hunter warrior.


Kindred Spirits and sone local sprits too.

'Real Survival' includes downtime, where you can totally relax with our hosts the Uchupiamonas and the kindred spirits expedition members.  Chalalan is owned, managed and operated by the Uchupiamona people a nation of 850 people only. In the main Lodge, you will experience local food and drinks. The spirits will sour high this is guaranteed.


Chalalan is an eco-lodge nestled on a pristine lake 8 hours upriver from the nearest jungle town Rurrenabaque. The place is fully owned and operated by the ancestral landowners of the Madidi - The Uchupiamons.

Yossi Ghinsberg is the founder of Chalalan Ecolodge and was initiated as one of the Uchupiamonas. He is the author of 'Jungle' with millions of copies sold worldwide and recently a feature movie starring Daniel Radcliffe. An entrepreneur with a zest for disruptions across industries. As a keynote speaker, he was rated the most unforgettable in the industry and at the top  ten most significant business speakers. He understands survival and worked for years in defense of the Amazon and its people. 


The expedition leader. A world renown survival expert. International Bestselling author of Jungle and one of the founders of Chalalan. He leads leadership programs worldwide

Yossi Ghinsberg

A Pachamama priest and shaman; she is the real thing a spiritual healer and medicine woman from the Aymara tribe. She will conduct rituals and clenses.

Doña Emma Rivas

She creates a contained environment for people to feel safe and supported, so that each individual can be inspired and empowered in their self-development journey.



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